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2017-10-10 16:30


Dyness launched
PowerBox in All-Energy
Australia, Melbourne
DynessRenewable and clean energy leaders,from Australia and worldwide,have gathered in Melbourne for the All-Energy Australia 2017 conference and exhibition on 11th-12th Oct,with early reports suggesting record breaking attendance for the event.
Dyness brings our latest battery Powerbox into the show,which turned out a great success in Australia market.
Powerbox has a clean and neat outlook,attracting quite a deal of attention from distributors、installers as well as end users.Not only does the appearance shine a lot,but also the excellent product performance and competitive marketing service win us crowds.Co-displayed with our local distributor Austra Energy,we were able to approach varies consumers having all kinds of requirement.
With its expandable modular performance,residential owners can make the most use of the solar energy to cut their household electrical bills.Up to 80kWh,enable commercial usage with a much more cost-saving way.
DynessWith launching a brandnew battery in Australia market,Dyness has been preparing quite a long time for this show,unique design and top class BMS ensure a great energy storage product for customers.
Energy Storage System(ESS)has been widely applied to distributed,stationary energy storage like Home Energy Storage System(HESS)、EV and HEV now
Powerbox adopts 2 types of battery chemistry,namely LiFePO4 and Li(NiCoMn)O2,they are designed for residential and commercial applications with absolute safety.
At least 6000 cycle life and more than 10 years battery life offer consumers of best quality products in same price level.
We dive into market only trying to create a perfect energy storage product both for people and planet.
Please feel free to contact us for any information you are interested!
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