Seek! Another business model of photovoltaic industry

2019-11-11 10:14
The innovation of business model is the capital of enterprise's life continuity,and the successful innovation of business model will bring the enterprise unparalleled market advantage.According to statistics,60%of the innovation success of American enterprises is the innovation of business model.However,many enterprises at home and abroad do not pay attention to business model innovation.According to a recent study by the American Management Association,the proportion of global enterprises'investment in the development of new business models in the total investment in innovation is less than 10%!This proportion may be lower in China,and the development of photovoltaic industry to the present,the old business models have been difficult to adapt to the development requirements of the new era,photovoltaic enterprises urgently need to explore new businesses Pattern.
According to the official announcement data of the national energy administration,by the third quarter of 2019,the cumulative installed capacity of photovoltaic power stations in China has exceeded 190gw.Behind the installation of 190gw photovoltaic power station,there are ups and downs of photovoltaic enterprises,full of bitter enterprise history,and also the industry history of the whole photovoltaic industry.Although the cumulative installed capacity of photovoltaic power stations has been increasing,the actual growth rate has slowed down.This indicates that the development of photovoltaic industry in China is facing a new turning point.In the face of the arrival of the turning point of industry development,the transformation of business model has become one of the strategies for enterprises to meet market changes,open up new markets and find new opportunities.
As one of the new energy industries,the business model of photovoltaic industry keeps upgrading with the changes of the times.Nature has experienced many upgrades.In the face of the advent of the current affordable Internet access policy,the innovation of business model has become a hot topic in the photovoltaic industry.
Looking back at the germination of photovoltaic industry,many enterprises only use the traditional module manufacturing and sales mode to obtain profits.In contrast,the current photovoltaic enterprises have a newer and more advanced business model:either they are dependent on the terminal application market such as photovoltaic power plants,or rely on a large number of customer resources,which is more about the vertical extension of the industrial chain,creating the integrated layout of the whole industrial chain,or expanding in a large scale with financial thinking,so as to become a large-scale supplier of clean energy.
From the perspective of the development of photovoltaic enterprises,in 2012,when the market was the most brutal,there were about 350 photovoltaic enterprises in the Chinese market,which either went bankrupt or failed.But there is also a new hope in the sad voice:Saiwei and Suntech have gone through bankruptcy and reorganization,but they still remember their original intention.But more enterprises,such as Baoli photovoltaic,quietly disappeared in the long history,becoming a footnote in the development of photovoltaic industry.Even in the past two years,Xuyang redI,the"silicon chip elder brother",still owes wages,GCL new energy changes its owner and commits itself to state-owned capital.Last year,the"531"new deal made photovoltaic enterprises bear a heavy burden.In the face of the sudden policy,Chen Jihua,deputy general manager of Jiangxi Ruijing Solar Energy Technology Co.,Ltd.,expressed a sigh:"after the"531 New Deal",our sales in June quickly decreased from 120 million yuan to more than 50 million yuan,lost more than 6 million yuan,and only 4 production lines were opened in 15 production lines."
Is it really time for the photovoltaic industry under the traditional business model to remain unbroken?
Looking around the world,especially in some developed countries in Europe,photovoltaic power stations have become the standard configuration for many households.The combination of industry and Commerce photovoltaic,photovoltaic+energy storage,photovoltaic and micro grid has become the general trend.So in China,can this photovoltaic utilization mode be directly"cloned"?Or do we need more localized and practical improvements?These problems are lingering in every photovoltaic people's mind.
With the rapid development of photovoltaic parity,how to ensure the enterprise's income under the environment of photovoltaic parity project implementation has become a problem that many photovoltaic enterprises think about day and night.Facing the fierce competition in the photovoltaic market,many enterprises have realized that:under the traditional business model,the market has already become a"Red Sea".What the future photovoltaic market needs is no longer simply relying on traditional business models such as investment and operation of power stations,construction of photovoltaic EPC projects,sales of photovoltaic equipment,monitoring systems,etc.innovative business models are the key to truly open the door of the future photovoltaic market.

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