Uncover the "leader" project of new energy Golmud in the Three Gorges

2019-11-11 10:12
The on grid price of the new energy Golmud leader project of the Three Gorges project is 0.316 yuan/kWh,which is the first time that the photovoltaic price is lower than the benchmark price of local coal-fired power generation,becoming a milestone in the process of photovoltaic power generation towards high-quality development in China.In the past year of grid connection,what is the operation status of the project and what experiences can be found for replication?Recently,the reporter visited this legendary photovoltaic power station.
On the plateau Gobi with an altitude of 2900 meters,the photovoltaic"leader"project with the largest monomer scale in China runs well in Golmud,Qinghai Province,and Zhengyuan source continuously delivers clean energy to thousands of households.
The photovoltaic power station,built at the foot of the towering Kunlun Mountains,is invested and constructed by China Three Gorges new energy(Group)Co.,Ltd.(hereinafter referred to as"Three Gorges new energy"),affiliated to China Three Gorges group.With a total installed capacity of 500 megawatts,an area of 771 hectares and a total investment of about 2.1 billion yuan,it is the largest"photovoltaic leader"project in China.
Through the innovation of project development mode,technology leading mode,engineering construction mode and sharing development mode,the project makes the photovoltaic power price lower than the benchmark price of coal-fired power generation for the first time,and becomes an important milestone to promote the high-quality development of China's photovoltaic power generation industry.
The"leader"of the leaders
The photovoltaic"leader"plan is a new energy construction project led and directly managed by the National Energy Administration in 2015,aiming to promote the technological progress,industrial upgrading and cost reduction of photovoltaic power generation.The significance of the leader project is to provide a stage for efficient products and advanced technology,to achieve the optimal design of the system,and to help the competent departments understand the space for price reduction.From this point of view,the Three Gorges new energy Golmud project is undoubtedly the"leader"among the leaders.
Golmud leader project is one of the third batch of national application leader projects,located in Golmud photovoltaic industrial park,30 kilometers away from the city.Compared with the traditional coal-fired power generation price,the on grid price of Golmud leader project is 0.316 yuan/kWh on average,which is nearly 1 cent lower than the local coal-fired power benchmark price(0.3247 yuan/kWh).This is the first time that the photovoltaic price is lower than the coal-fired power benchmark price,which enables the cheap power of clean energy to enter thousands of households in advance.The project was connected to the grid for power generation on December 29,2018.Since it was put into operation,the project has operated well and over fulfilled the annual power generation task.
"Golmud project provides a reference for the development and construction of the follow-up competitive photovoltaic power generation project of the Three Gorges new energy.The project demonstrates and summarizes the technical innovation,quality control,cost control,centralized operation and maintenance mode,and accumulates a lot of experience for the development and construction of subsequent photovoltaic projects."Dong Weiping,station manager of Three Gorges new energy Golmud power station,told reporters that the construction of Golmud project has changed the development direction of enterprises from scale,speed and price to quality,technology and efficiency.Thus,the innovation ability of the enterprise is further improved,the core competitiveness of the enterprise is enhanced,and the high-quality development of the enterprise is promoted.
Wang Peng,general manager of the Northwest Branch of Three Gorges new energy,said in an interview:"when we won the bid,the low price of electricity shocked the industry.We all thought we were"playing around"and would abandon the bid after winning the bid.In the process of construction,through mode innovation,technical innovation,and accurate grasp of the declining trend of equipment cost,components,inverters and other prices,we have built and connected the grid at one time,breaking the doubt of the industry.Many units and experts come to Golmud to learn from it."
Building the"Three Gorges model"of project development and construction
Why is the Golmud project lower than the local coal benchmark price?One important reason is that the construction has broken through the traditional investment,technology,land and other constraints,and explored a suitable project construction and technical implementation scheme for domestic photovoltaic projects.
"In order to ensure that Geermu's 500MW photovoltaic leader project is technologically advanced and meets the requirements of demonstration projects,Three Gorges new energy actively applies the latest photovoltaic innovation technology leading in seven industries."Dong Weiping told reporters that modules are the most expensive components in the whole photovoltaic system,and the price of modules determines the"keynote"of the cost of photovoltaic system.The first step of cost reduction is to start with modules.For example,we choose a new type of high-efficiency perc photovoltaic module,and the conversion efficiency is 18.7%higher than the standard of"leader"plan,up to 18.9%.
It is reported that in the third batch of application leader projects,perc single-crystal components accounted for more than 70%,and in Golmud project,100%of them were single-crystal perc components above 310wp,and double-sided power generation components were used in the land with suitable conditions.The attenuation of high-efficiency perc battery is significantly lower than that of ordinary p-type battery.Combined with double-sided power generation,it can significantly improve the power generation capacity and reduce the cost of power consumption.
The inverter of Golmud project adopts the 1500V inverter system which is widely used in the world.Compared with the traditional 1000V system,the series connection capacity of photovoltaic modules is increased by about 1.5 times;when the same installed capacity is installed,the number of photovoltaic strings is reduced by 1/3,so that the number of DC cables and DC combiner boxes is reduced by about 1/3,the loss of DC and AC is reduced,the system efficiency is improved,and the power generation of the power station is increased Quantity.According to the designer,under the same capacity,compared with the 1000V system,the 1500V system can save the initial investment of 0.05-0.1 yuan/WP,improve the system PR by 0.5-1%,and reduce the cost of power consumption by about 1%.

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