Dyness in Smart Energy Conference and Exhibition 2022.

2022-05-06 22:08


From May 4th to 5th, Dyness exhibited in Sydney at the exhibition of Smart Energy 2022. It was a very successful exhibition and a good platform for the exhibitors and visitors to communicate and reach cooperation agreements. Dyness attracted many visitors with its excellent products, professional explanation, and enthusiastic attitude in this exhibition, we felt everyone's enthusiasm and support.

In this exhibition, Dyness lunched the latest ESS products which are Powerbox Pro 10.24kWh and PowerDepot H5B 5.12kWh to meet different customers' needs. They are all adopted safest LFP cells, built-in smart BMS systems, and can support APP monitoring.

For the Dyness C & I, full range of low voltage and high voltage are available, Dyness showed our Rack HV2 system this time. The HV2 system is equipped with an intelligent battery control unit in each battery cluster, ensuring the system operates with high safety and high efficiency.

About the RV series, Dyness rolled out the new green rechargeable deep cycle LFP battery RV12100, VB4850, VB48100 for RV to satisfy the different users' needs. Please continue to keep an eye on us. We will continue to bring more high-quality residential energy storage products to Australian customers.

We look forward to reuniting Smart Energy in 2023.

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