Grid connected power generation of Golmud leader project is expected to be lower than thermal power in photovoltaic power consumption cost in recent one year

2019-11-11 10:11
According to the latest data released by the National Energy Administration on November 5,by the end of September 2019,the total installed capacity of photovoltaic power generation in China has reached 190.19 million kilowatts(190gw),including 131.49 million kilowatts(131.49gw)for centralized photovoltaic power generation and 58.7 million kilowatts(58.7gw)for distributed photovoltaic power generation.
In fact,in the first nine months of this year,China's newly installed photovoltaic capacity was only 15.99gw,down 53.7%from 34.54gw in 2018.However,according to the insiders,the reduction of new installed capacity in 2019 is only a temporary appearance under the comprehensive effect of factors such as the industrial development entering a new stage and the national support strategy"changing lanes".Its internal,probably rate will be a sign of the global photovoltaic demand breaking out again.
On December 29,2018,driven by the national"photovoltaic leader plan",up to now,the photovoltaic leader project with the largest single installed capacity(500MW)in China has been officially connected to the grid for power generation in Golmud,Qinghai Province(hereinafter referred to as"Golmud leader project"),the average on grid price of the project is 0.316 yuan/kWh,which is nearly 1 cent lower than the local coal benchmark price of 0.3247 yuan/kWh.
This means that with the joint efforts of all sectors of the whole industrial chain,the continuous reduction of photovoltaic power generation cost has finally contributed to the first time that the domestic photovoltaic on grid price is lower than the local coal electricity benchmark price.Wang Peng,general manager of Northwest Branch of China Three Gorges new energy(Group)Co.,Ltd.,the builder and operator of Golmud leader project,said in an interview with the Securities Daily,"if we do not consider non-technical costs,light abandonment and power rationing,photovoltaic power generation can be affordable in most parts of Northwest China."
Price reduction of photovoltaic products
Stimulate market demand
Nearly a year after the Golmud leader project was connected to the grid for power generation,the reporter of Securities Daily found that the project has been in good operation since it was completed on December 29,2018.
According to reports,Golmud leader project is one of the third batch of national application leader projects,with a total installed capacity of 500 megawatts,an area of 771 hectares and a total investment of 2.1 billion yuan.According to the calculation of the designed annual average power generation of about 900 million kwh in the future,the project is equivalent to planting 2070 hectares of broad-leaved forest,saving 280000 tons of standard coal,reducing 756000 tons of carbon dioxide emissions,234 tons of sulfur dioxide,54 tons of soot emissions,and meeting the power demand of 567000 urban and rural households.
In the view of the industry,the Golmud leader project is a milestone in the history of China's photovoltaic industry and one of the important achievements since the implementation of the"photovoltaic leader plan".
As a new energy construction project led and directly managed by the national energy administration,"photovoltaic leader plan"aims to promote the technological progress,industrial upgrading and cost reduction of photovoltaic power generation,and provide a stage for efficient products and advanced technologies.Taking the construction of the third phase leader base of Golmud leader project as an example,according to statistics,the on grid price generated by competition among 10 application leader bases and 3 technology leader bases is 0.19-0.31 yuan per kilowatt hour lower than the local photovoltaic benchmark price,with a decrease of 28%-43.6%;the average decrease is 0.24 yuan,with an average decrease of 36.4%.Among them,the lowest price is 0.31 yuan/kWh of Geer leader project.
The construction of the third phase of the leader base,including the Geer leader project,provides an important reference for the price authorities to study,adjust and improve the benchmark electricity price to accelerate the decline,and realize the photovoltaic power generation parity as soon as possible.According to the calculation data provided by the national energy administration,after the implementation of the third phase leader base of 5 million kilowatts(5GW)application leader base,1.65 billion yuan of subsidy can be saved annually.According to the 20-year subsidy period stipulated by the state,33 billion yuan of national financial subsidy can be saved in total.
At present,photovoltaic industry has become one of China's famous business cards,with a strong international competitiveness.In terms of installed capacity,China's new installed capacity of photovoltaic power generation ranks first in the world for six consecutive years,and its cumulative installed capacity ranks first in the world for four consecutive years;in terms of technology level and production quality,in recent years,China's photovoltaic module production has been maintaining about 70%of the world's level,and constantly breaking the world record of efficient battery conversion efficiency;in terms of leading enterprise cultivation,for many years,the top 10 in the world Chinese enterprises account for at least 70%-80%of the strong photovoltaic component enterprises.
Not only that,the management optimized the new construction scale of photovoltaic power generation with the"531 policy",alleviated the subsidy pressure and reduced the light and electricity rationing,at the same time,triggered the price drop of products in the whole photovoltaic industry chain.According to the statistics of some institutions,the price of products in four links,polysilicon,silicon wafer,battery chip and module,was from May 31,2018 to May 31,2019 Georgia's average decline is more than 30%.
The decline in product prices has stimulated the enthusiasm of the international energy and power market for photovoltaic.From the perspective of customs data,in 2018,China's module export volume was about 41gw,a year-on-year increase of 30%;according to the data of China Photovoltaic Industry Association,in the first half of this year,China's photovoltaic product export volume reached US$10.61 billion,a year-on-year increase of 31.7%.Among them,the export volume of silicon wafers,battery wafers and components was 2.36 billion wafers(about 11.6gw),5.3gw and 36gw,respectively,up 1.2%,157.9%and 102.4%year on year.

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