The trend of large-scale wind turbine determines the prominent economy of photovoltaic power generation

2019-11-11 10:10
The world's largest power ge12mw unit generates electricity,and the wind power unit develops rapidly in large scale.On November 7,gehaliadex12mw test prototype was built in Rotterdam port,the Netherlands,which is the largest installed wind turbine in the world.The diameter of the fan impeller is 220m,the length of the blade is 107m,the height of the fan is 260m,and the annual power generation is predicted to be 67gwh.At present,ge12mw wind turbine has obtained 3.89gw of intended orders,including asabranca 720mw project in Brazil,Dunkirk 750mW project in France,1100MW project on the east coast of New Jersey in the United States,120mW project in Maryland,and doggerbank 1200mW project in the United Kingdom.In addition,GE has signed an agreement with Jieyang municipal government to set up a local general assembly base to produce 12MW units.We believe that with the advent of the era of parity,large-scale units will be the most effective way to dilute unit construction costs and reduce the cost of electricity consumption.The demand for large-scale units in the wind power market will increase day by day,and the whole machine manufacturers and parts manufacturers with large-scale unit experience will benefit.
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The efficiency of photovoltaic power generation is rising,and the economy of photovoltaic power generation is becoming increasingly prominent.On November 5,the photovoltaic Professional Committee of China Renewable Energy Society released the highest conversion efficiency of photovoltaic cells in China in 2019,and Atlas and Lonkey respectively set 22.8%and 24.03%generation efficiency records of polycrystalline and monocrystalline silicon perc cells.At the same time,in the new hit battery and TOPCON battery technology,the current efficiency has reached 24.85,24.58%.With the continuous improvement of the conversion efficiency of the battery,the cost of photovoltaic power generation continues to decline,and the profitability of photovoltaic power generation projects increases.At the same time,the industrial chain enterprises continue to increase the capacity layout.According to the statistics of energytrend,more than 15 projects were signed/started/put into operation in October,and the total investment of domestic silicon wafer,battery and component projects exceeded 17 billion yuan.The continuous investment of the industrial chain enterprises has promoted the sustainable development of the industry,and the long-term growth of photovoltaic industry has been determined.
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Risk tip:policy risk,increased market competition and other risks,technology progress and product substitution risk,industry accounting period risk,macroeconomic cycle fluctuation risk,supply chain shortage risk,etc.

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